How To Activate Office 2019 [Easy Method No ***** No Program]

Retail How To Activate Office 2019 [Easy Method No ***** No Program] 2021-07-29

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Clean, Easy, Simple Method!

  1. Make sure you have Office 2019 Installed on your machine.
  2. Download the attached file "Activator.txt"
  3. Change the file type from .txt to .cmd or "Activator.cmd" and the Save.
  4. Go to the location of the file you saved and Run As Administrator.
  5. Don’t do anything else and allow the server to activate your office…

    NOTE: It is tested on the build that is shown in the image, also tested on the recent build and Jan 2019 builds as well. So be sure you’re following the method properly.
    Regards, SaM

    Credits: Sam from Babiator
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