Canva Pro TEAM (10 Invites free) 1 Year for 45$

Canva Pro 1 Year Upgrade - Team | 10 invites free!
for only $45/year
with discount coupon at the bottom👇
is the one of best sites where you can easily create graphics, animated gifs, or videos for your social brand/network with more than 50 million premium graphics, banners, templates, logos, icons etc.
-You can create a free account at Canva or try their premium service for 30 days free (need a credit card to verify).
-Use this link to create Canva, you will get 1 credit for free:
-If you’ve tried Canva and like their service and you want to buy the pro subscription, you can see their pricing page here. The price is $9.95 per month for a yearly payment of $119.4/year.

You can own a PRO account for just $45/per year here. (You save up to 70% if you are one team member and 90% if 2, you do the math for 5 team members savings)

The account is dedicated, your own account, your own email, your own password.

  • The pro account is valid for 1 year
  • Add the team, all will be pro for the year, you are the owner of the team!
  • All premium features
  • The upgrade is 100% legit and toward your account.
  • 1 Year warranty
I will need your Canva Login Details - change to easy password and share it then revert after I upgrade (you will be asked to provide here when you make the purchase, Upgrade will be done ASAP (but allow max 8 hours in case I am sleeping :)

1. Visit Nulled.AI or click the "SHOP" button at the top.
2.Search for "Canva"
3. Select Payment method (Paypal, Bitcoin, Credit Card, and more)
4. Apply your coupon code below for a discount!
5.Enter your "Canva Credentials"
6. Confirm your payment
7. Wait for our notification regarding your Canva to be upgraded into Pro.
8. and DONE!


-Any account can be used.
-You can renew every 1 year duration.

Steps on how to Invite:
To add/invite members on account,
-On the top right corner you will see your Account's Icon and Settings (Gear Icon) Click the Gear Icon > Billings & Teams,
-Then scroll down to Subscription > Click 1-member (Underlined member and it will redirect you to your Team's page).
-From your team’s page, click the People tab.
-You can now Enter the email addresses of the people that you want to invite.
-You can also select a role for each of them by clicking the dropdown next to their email and Click Send invitations.

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